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Pain Scored is an intuitive mobile app platform for pain management designed to track health and deliver insightful data on pain, disease and well-being to an extensive network of physicians, healthcare professionals, and partners who provide care with Pain Scored. Pain Scored provide remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM) services.

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Learn how Pain Scored is helping close the knowledge gap between care teams and patients in multiple care settings.

Better Insights for Pain Management = Better Health

Pain Scored combines quality bench-marking and reporting, intelligent alerting, remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, medication monitoring, and behavior modification into a single tool. Because care teams rely on information to diagnose and treat their patients, Pain Scored provides them with real-time knowledge and data of symptoms, conditions and patient feedback — keeping healthcare in motion.

2.1+ point*

Improvement in standardized depression scores.

1.5+ point*

Improvement in pain, enjoyment of life and general activity scores.

* In a study of engaged patients in a private practice clinic.

Our Comprehensive Pain Platform

The Pain Scored platform, a comprehensive app for pain management helps individuals take control of their whole health — and partners take care of whole populations' health — by proactively managing health and chronic disease between office visits. Pain and disease seldom take a day off — so why should healthcare?

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Remote collection of self-reported symptoms, side effects and pain medications with our simple and user-friendly experience.


Information is logged frequently using unique methods to create a clear timeline of one's whole health.


Data is aggregated using powerful backend analytics into interactive customizable reports to bring higher value and impact to care teams.


These reports are used by healthcare providers to make better treatment decisions using evidence-based data.

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